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By Afreen Shaikh


The whole world is quarantined at home due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Almost everyone is staying indoors as this is the best measure to fight this virus. ‘Stay home, stay safe’ is the motto adopted by the entire world.

There is one thing we are getting in abundance out of this situation, that is Time. We spend most of our time with our families and loved ones. The pandemic has forced us to stop our usual life where we are in a rush with the clock ticking every hour. This situation has paused our life and we are pretty much living the laid back small-town life. Never have the families been together 24/7 for such a long period. Although the first few weeks of quarantine might have been seen as a blessing for families. But it’s been two months now and it’s getting hot under the collar.

The most happiest moment for working parents is coming back from work and spending time with their children at home, but this being a full-time scenario is somewhat difficult to handle. Coping up with your children could be a difficult task especially if you are not used to being around them throughout the day. Taking small but thoughtful steps in this case is most important. Parents need to understand that children tend to model the behavior of their surroundings. This is why staying calm and composed is very necessary to give your child a comforting environment. You can follow these simple steps to make your parenting easy during quarantine:


  1. Partnership over ownership

When you order your children, they often tend to consider you bossy. This might spoil your relations with your children. Try to be their friend instead. Have conversations with them, ask them to cook with you, play with them, participate with them in fun activities. Consider it as a perfect opportunity to relive your childhood with them.


  1. Reassurance over Reaction

Your children are also a part of this. It is affecting their lives as well. With their schools being shut and restrictions put on their vacation time they are also disappointed and confused. They will act like how a normal kid would and create a bit of a mess in the house while playing, they might also get agitated as they can no longer meet their friends. In times like these you must not respond with anger but reassure them. Be the friend they need. As a parent you must reassure them that everything is just going to be fine.

  1. Do not forget Yourself

This is perhaps the most important point. Do not dedicate your entire time to your family. Immersing yourself completely might frustrate you. Take out time for yourself. This time can be used for meditation, workouts, your work, or a simple self-care routine. Selfcare is the doorway to positivity. The kind of positivity your family needs the most. A healthy mind is a happy mind. With this attitude you can surely spread some positivity and happiness in your family. You can also include your children in your workouts to keep yourself and your family in a healthy state both mentally and physically. You can check out Acuver’s ‘Stay Home & Stay Fit’ Workout for all age groups for some amazing home workouts with your children.

Everything being said, we are sure you are going to be an expert in parenting during Quarantine!



By Apeksha Jain


Today’s childhood is taken away by the World of Technology.

The most precious gift you could give someone was your time, but it is very sad to see that today’s generation who is highly influenced by the Social Media does not have time even for themselves as they have to be every time on the Social Media which essentially portrays a false reality leaving users to feel isolated in being connected to the people far away corner of the World and ignoring the people close to them in the same house, classes and family.

I remember as a child we loved to play outdoor games and do activities with our friends, we use to do cycling, badminton, basketball, gully cricket, kho-kho, lock and key, etc, but it is very sad to see todays generation who is addicted to their phones and i-pads, playing virtual games on small screens.

Today Sports has also become Virtual. Something really needs to be done to push these generation children out of their technology world into the Real World with nature and sports. Sports not only keeps them healthy and fit, but also helps them in their Social, Mental, physical growth and a balanced body.  It helps them to become disciplined and a successful human.


“To be yourself in a World that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

By Afreen Shaikh


How does one know that he or she wants to pursue a career in sports? Is it a thought that clicks while you are sitting in a classroom? Or a prophesy dream you had in your sleep? The main point is how do you decide that you want to stick to sports for the rest of your life?  Make it not only your hobby but your passion and career. The answer for this lies in our childhood. Childhood is that stage of life where you are moulded to become the person that you are going to be in future. At this stage we start discovering what interests us. I remember my classroom where we had children who were good at studies, children who were good at drawing and then there were the ones who were good at sports. The sports fanatic where indeed a different kind. I always used to wonder about the will it takes to be practicing in the first half of the school and sitting for lectures in the second half. Entering class room in their sweaty jerseys covered with mud and still having the energy and enthusiasm to play around with their friends. They never stopped. Be it the rainy season, the heat of summer or the early morning cold in winters. They made the most of it! Enjoyed every season on the ground and became the best.

It makes so much sense now. You know when you really like doing something. This like then turns into your passion and you grow along with your passion. When you do something you are really good at you get better in it day by day. Then finally a day comes when you see your coach giving you the first preference, teams fighting over you to make you a part of their team, scoring effortlessly everyday. This is the day you realize that you are the best. Best from the lot and this is your path. This is the story of every sportsmen in our nation. The story of keeping sports above everything. The story of having the guts to keep your studies secondary. The story of discipline and dedication and a story of being different than the mainstream. I was lucky to grow around such people but I could never be like them. I feel these individuals are born special and together with their talent they make a country special. Kudos to those who knew, Kudos to those as they are only few!